Service-Oriented Rails Engineer

Published  December 10th, 2013

thredUP's engineering team has reached the point where we're focusing on breaking apart our tightly coupled systems and moving them into service-oriented systems that can scale. It's a challenging and fun stage in our team's evolution and we're looking for the right engineer to help us make this happen.

We're looking for someone who has experience building SOA systems or at the very least has worked on a team that already has their services scaled out. We're looking for someone who becomes excited about separating responsibilities and likes to talk about the merits of different messaging patterns. We know you're out there.

Hiring is a two-way road. We need to be a fit for you too so let me tell you about our team. We care a lot about engineering team culture. The engineering team meets every two weeks to discuss and iterate on it. We have an engineering book club. We've been known to geek out on board games. We care about mentoring, professional development, code quality (yes we use CodeClimate), thorough testing, and reviewing code in a way that informs and educates the team to make us all better engineers. These are qualities our team is passionate about. If you're passionate about these too and you have the experience we're looking for, we'd love to hear from you.

More About Our Team

  • 2 Rails teams (Warehouse Operations & Web) comprised of 12 engineers. 1 Mobile team with 2 engineers (1 iOS, 1 Android).
  • Code reviews are done through pull requests on GitHub.
  • We primarily use MySQL, but also use Redis/Memcache/NoSQL when applicable.
  • AWS for our server needs.
  • Jenkins for our CI server (RSpec/Jasmine tests).
  • We use Campfire to communicate and post funny Gifs during the day.

Desired Skills & Experience

  • 2+ years of Rails experience either architecting or working within service-oriented architecture.
  • Believer in testing.
  • Experience with message queueing (ex: RabbitMQ). Preferred, not required.
  • Bachelors or above in Computer Science.

Compensation & Perks

  • Competitive salary and equity.
  • Work from home Wednesdays.
  • Health, dental, and vision insurance.
  • Apple LED Cinema display + computer of your choosing.
  • Stocked fridge + snack cabinets.
  • Office is located at 2nd & Market in downtown San Francisco (right next to Montgomery BART station).
  • No vacation day limit.