First Posts are Cliché

Published  June 12th, 2010

I am fascinated by technology and business. Most of my professional experience lies within the internet realm of technology so it only makes sense to have my own blog. The purpose of this website is to show off what I'm working on, talk about my observations of working at a start-up, and create a credible way for people to find out who I am when they search my name.

Please forgive the design of the website. Although I've designed and created about 30 websites in the past 3 years, I can never settle on new designs for my website. I have the uncanny ability to figure out what others want, but not for me. I always come back to this plain and simple design - which I plan to change eventually. 

P.S. I receive single digit unique visitors to this website on a daily basis and am fully aware that hardly anyone is reading this, but everyone has to start somewhere.